know ur self..... - this is a reality issue -

what i need 2 hear most is what i want 2 hear last.... btul ke.. ok2.. lyn je list nih..

~~ i am impatient ( btul la tuh...)
~~ i am unrealistic about time tasks take and how difficult most process are ( suke na tggh keje..last minit kelam kabut..pehtu x ikhlas wat keje..hehe)
~~ i don't like to give a lot of time or effort to people's emotional concern.. ( kdg2 mls nk lyn... tp gossip slalu je XD.. typical!! )
~~i overestimate the ability of others.. ( ye kot.. tp kalo kecewa naseb ar..)
~~ i assume too much.. (haa.. nie saje je wat otak penat pikir..pehtu tension..pdn muker..)
~~ i want options --- so many that i drive everyone crazy.. ( haha..nie mcm sape??? .. :P )
~~ i don't care for rules n restrictions..( kdg2 redah gak...peduli ape.. tp slalu ikot ar rules tuh..)
~~ i determine my priorities quickly n expect others to have similar attitudes.. ( yeke?? laen org laen ragamnyer... )
~~ i process issues quickly and want to move on --- even when other people aren't ready to... ( btul gak tuh..x sabar2 n x consider org sumtimes je la..hehe..)

haaa..amik tuh..sumer not sumer tuh reality.. what am i to do about it?????